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I recently was able to nip an incipient cold in the bud the usual way through natural remedies. However, about a week later, on a Saturday, my neck went from fine to so stiff and sore I literally could not move it 5 degrees in any direction. After a few days of that misery, the pain went to my upper left back between the spine and scapula. It felt like I was being stabbed with a butcher knife. Then it migrated to my middle back to left of the spine. There it was a dull, incessant sledgehammer ache. Finally it dropped to my lower back and made it impossible to stand straight and function properly. I have to say, four weeks of this misery almost drove me crazy. A friend of mine said he had the same malady at one time and it lasted 7-8 months. I thought I would never make it that long the pain was so intense and unmitigated. Nothing helped alleviate the extreme agony including dreaded pharma drugs.
It finally occurred to me to try acupuncture again, duh, which I had used successfully for some other more minor problems in the past. I luckily found Cathy. After a thorough interview and diagnosis, followed by three acupuncture treatments, I am back to working out five days a week playing tennis three times a week. She was a Godsend for me.

Thank you so much for the incredible acupuncture work you have done for me over the years. When I first started seeing you I had lost any hope that my aches and pains could get better. I feel totally blessed to have found you, and your use of acupuncture, herbs, massage and oils truly turned my life around. I went from feeling sick all of the time to having a pretty normal life - wow! You have quite literally changed my life for the better, and I cannot thank you enough for the gift of health that you have given me.
A million thanks! -B.B., Patient of 2+ years

Cathy is truly a healer! I have been receiving acupuncture from her for over a year now and she has helped me in so many different ways. I have experienced positive shifts on both a physical and emotional level as a result of her treatments. Cathy is compassionate, understanding, and always makes you feel comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, not only with acupuncture but with other Chinese medicine modalities as well. I always look forward to my weekly appointments and couldn’t imagine going to anyone else! -V.A.
From the moment of meeting Cathy Riccio, I was enveloped in her warm and caring energy. She has helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally with acupuncture, nutrition information, and other natural wellness treatments. 
Cathy is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate, creating a healing process
 which is targeted to the specific needs of her patients.  I am extremely grateful to her
 for supporting me through a difficult time of grief and physical pain.  It has been a 
trying journey, but I am now stronger, happier, healthier, and pain free! From the bottom of my heart I thank you, Cathy!!! –C.W.

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